Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post-Election Day Thoughts

I seem to be doing really great with this posting once a day thing already. I really want to write something with more substance than I have (yesterday's quote wasn't originally supposed to be my only post of the day but I worked late, and then had company), but I can't think of any topics I feel like getting into at the moment.

I was very excited about the presidential election but less happy with some of the other outcomes. I'm so disappointed that Proposition 8 passed but relieved that all the abortion limitations were rejected. California also had a proposition on its ballot to give farm animals more space (they'd have to be able to at least stand and turn around in their living areas, in simplest terms) which passed. It's cool but how is it that we just showed more concern and care for some animals than for other human beings by denying them the simple right to be married and have the same privileges as other couples? We care more about farm stock than people?

I have more thoughts on the topic, and am kind of annoyed with all the little comments I'm already seeing about how "there won't be change" (would it be judgmental if I removed everyone from my Facebook friend list that had an anti-Obama statement?), but I don't want to get too close to that line for the Army. Not that it isn't obvious to anyone that knows me* or has ever read a single post on this blog who or what I believe in and support.

*At least after a five minute conversation - the two other platoon leaders in the company have both told me that their very first impression of me was conservative Christian type because I was quiet and reserved, and that fit more in line with the idea of a conservative (because liberals are never introverted, and obviously all the stereotypes of a conservative including the good ole boy, are of shy, quiet wallflowers - people, come on). They were pleasantly surprised (not so much because of the political views but because I was more than happy to go drinking).

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