Saturday, November 08, 2008


I went out last night. We had to go further away than we used to because the influx of new units in the area has caused many of the closer towns to become flooded with Soldiers. As a result, that leaves fewer bars for us officers to go to without running into our Soldiers, and also has created a few more issues with the communities not actually enjoying all the rambunctious Americans in their bars (nothing like combat arms guys to win the hearts and minds and help America's reputation).

It was fun although the second club we ended up with played more music of the techno variety than I would have liked. Throughout the night, we were rather amused by the random '80s songs that were remixed. However, one song in particular topped them all: at one point, they started playing a beat as background to someone speaking. After a few seconds, I realized, "that sounds like President Elect Obama. No, it can't be. It really sounds like him though." And then they got to the line, "yes, we can." I haven't been to any clubs in the States in a while, but the president elect being remixed to a techno beat just seems like something that would only happen in Europe.

And yes, I have seen the video of "yes, we can" but he didn't exactly turn any speeches into a trance song.

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xok said...

of course you've seen's it's a new day? That's a great video. much better lyrics than we load the ships we load the trains so that the other lads can load the guns and planes...