Monday, November 17, 2008

Oops - So Much for That

"And was there a lesson in all this, huh? What did we learn about beer?" - "Foamy!" - Xander and Buffy in "Beer Bad", Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Beer Bad" is one of those episodes of Buffy that tends to get a bad rap, but it's one that always makes me laugh, possibly because of the stupidity. Also, rewatching it, I was surprised to see that Kal Penn (of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) was an extra/drinking buddy in this episode.

Basically, that describes my weekend. Except replace beer with vodka, tequila shots and butterscotch flavored schnapps and turn weekend into Friday. And throw in some Wii Mario Kart. Apparently my coordination gets better when I'm drinking because I actually scored higher drunk than usually.

We went out Thursday night, but made it an early night because the techno just wasn't doing it for us - where the hell are the clubs that play hip hop? Or was it the whole Thursday night thing? As a result, I was more than willing to drive over to a friend's house Friday night in response to a drunk text message about tequila and pickles (I brought a lime to prevent that disaster from reoccuring) - even though I hadn't updated for the day yet, and was trying to do the whole NaBloPoMo thing. I just didn't think I should just slap another picture on the web and leave. I'd like to actually do a thoughtful post here. I'd like to think I still have the occasional thought despite being out of school and in the Army for over two years.

I barely had time to recover Saturday morning before I was on my way back to Regensburg to visit a friend I've had since 7th grade. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that his mother had driven there as well because she was excited about seeing me (that actually makes her the first person to do some driving to see me instead of me driving to their place all the time - not even my grandfather was willing to go out of his way to meet me). I ended up staying there rather late, and by the time I got home I had about half an hour left in the day, and once again didn't feel like taking the lazy way out. So yes, I have failed at updating daily, but I figure a few real posts are probably better than me slapping a picture up all the time. Unless that were of course my theme. And I actually do have a few picture I still want to post, but most of them I want to do a little bit more with, and either go for themes (I have some awesome pictures of gardens) or something like that.

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