Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Still Try to Find My Place

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane

I've been wasting the last few afternoons looking up music videos on youTube. For the most part, I don't usually feel the need to see the video when I hear a song I like, so I've seen maybe one or two videos in the last few years, but I recently heard a song on the radio, and I figured it would be cheaper to listen to it on youTube than buying it iTunes. After that, I kind of got sucked in.

Anyway, since I'm incredibly tired right now, I'm just posting the music video to one of my favorite songs. Actually, the acoustic version is one of my favorite songs, but while available on youTube, there isn't a video to go with it. I've done this version for karaoke before. Both versions of the song are great, though. The original version just has so much anger and hate, while the acoustic version sounds like it's full of pain and despair (does this mean I'm screwed up?)

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