Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Peter

I just finished watching the second season of Heroes - I know I'm a little late in the game, but I'd heard it wasn't nearly as good as the first season, and as a result, wasn't in a huge hurry. Since I wasn't expecting much, it was definitely better than I expected. The main reason I was even halfway interested in the second season was due to the addition of Kristen Bell to the cast. So my main thing now is, could we please get someone whose superpower is intelligence and have him hang out with Peter for a while? Because, seriously, that guy lets himself get played way too easily. And every season when he's trying to go and save the world, it's his actions that would have actually led to the end of the world.

Another check in the stupidity column for Peter is the fact that one of his main concerns and reasons for wanting to stop the virus is because he stranded the woman he loved in the future - okay, well here's the problem with that - you left her in that version of the future - if you now change it, wouldn't you just either leave her in an alternate universe or destroy the future she's in, thus destroying her existence? The only way to save her was to go back to the future, bring her back to the present, and then prevent the future from occuring. She couldn't come back without you, and since you can only travel to the future and not parallel universes, you can't find her anymore, either.

From what I hear the third season is even more obnoxious. The problem is that they've chosen to make Peter the main guy for the most part, or the superhero, and he is rather boring. And easy to manipulate. I'm not saying a superhero can't be human, but how about displaying some damn common sense? There are a few characters that are much more interesting, and they barely get air time, or get really crappy, almost pointless story lines. For example, I liked Mica's cousin Monica (who got so much air time I barely remembered her name), but she didn't have much of a story.

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